I have always felt that it is very difficult to argue with a
photograph. Within the four edges of a photographic print, everything
just seems real and believable. As a medium, photography seemingly
cannot lie. It is with this sentiment that I go about my work, which
has always involved the staging and construction of narratives and

I started this work in 2007. At that time I thought I was merely
starring in my own scenes. Taking on the roles of both the
photographer and the photographed. But as the work progressed, my
feelings about it began to change and I felt like I was living another
life, a more alternative life through my pictures as Shauna. Perhaps
good acting is also a kind of “becoming” and after being somebody else
for sometime, you are in turn distinguished by the role that you play.

I feel like I have two lives: one as Sean and the other as Shauna.
Every now and then the worlds do collide and when they do, there are
always surprising results. Being Shauna has made me think, re-think,
question and answer many things in my life. The work has deepened my
relationship with my parents, it has helped me forge ties with members
of the transgender community, and it has even reshaped my ideas on
beauty. In a sense, I suppose one can say that Shauna affects me just
as I affect her.

I have grown very attached to Shauna and I hope that I can continue to
do this work for a long time. My dream is to create a "Shauna
Universe" through my work, where all our fantasies and dreams can come

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