And Now, Like Sleeping Flowers...

Mankind’s appetite for devouring all that is around, clouds our perspective as to what is being sacrificed for society. Little we see in Nature that is ours, that coexisting is the relationship envisioned. This relationship appears to be at the mercy of Man because of the fragility of Nature. This is a study of human presence and its invasion on Nature.

The series began as a simple study of human presence in the natural landscape. This documentation of such interrupted landscapes with at times, subtle hints of human invasion developed into a narrative of untouched nature suffering a slow and silent death. Drawing references from my Chinese heritage, the presence of confetti are usually witnessed at funeral processions, where paper effigies denoting bank notes from Hell, are thrown and propelled into the air, painting the procession journey a sea of white. This introduction of paper confetti in my images, bridges the relationship between the interruption of human presence and its invasion on the silent landscape.

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