The Institute of Critical Zoologists/Zhao Renhui

A mysterious animal has been spotted in the grassy patch of land along Niven Road and Wilkie Terrace. But no one has been able to photograph this elusive creature. The only traces of this animal are its supposed white fur/hair found along Wilkie Terrace. The Institute Of Critical Zoologists investigates the sightings with cameras equipped with infrared triggers, called camera traps. These devices, which are rigged with sensors, are triggered by movements and are often used to obtain critical data on wildlife.

The camera trap is set up for a period of 3 months, and were triggered repeatedly at the same spots at around the same time everyday. But no animals can be seen in the images captured. Instead, the enigmatic pictures show patches of grass, roots and plants, lit by a harsh glare from the flash. I Have Reasons To Believe God Exists explores notions of the animals inhabiting our guilty conscience, our desire for discoveries of new species, and in some cases, the need to invent some.

The cameras were tested stringently and no technical faults could be registered.

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