Physical Realities of Death- A Memoir of Toivo Laukkanen, 2009 – 2010

I remember the first time I met Toivo, he was walking frantically, taking big strides, his neck perched out and his hair in a huge mess. I knew I had to photograph this man, he has so much of a character that one could hardly miss. It was outside the Central Railway Station where I met him. I had approached him and said " Hi", while he responded immediately by shoving his hand into my face, signaling his disinterest to have a conversation with me. Intuitively, I stalked him to a nearby shopping mall. After half an hour, he was done with his shopping and I went up to him again. We managed to have a conversation and he was flattered by my interest of wanting to photograph him. We started to meet every few weeks and it was a privilege to be able to document his life, however, unexpectedly to its end. This installation is dedicated to my friend, Toivo Laukkanen whom I have learnt much from.

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